House Group Notes 

House Group Notes for October 14th. 

Why and How to read the Bible. 


To begin with…. 

1. Has anyone a ‘special’ Bible – one given to them etc? Which version/translation do you find the most helpful? 

2.How do you read the Bible? Do you have a routine, do you use Bible notes or plans? Are there any useful apps/resources that you’ve found helpful? 

NB to Group Leader – these opening questions presume that everyone reads their Bible – is there an opportunity for group members to articulate their thoughts and experiences without it seeming like they’re ‘owning up’ to not reading the Bible? 


Read Psalm 19:7-9. 

The Psalmist uses 6 names for God’s Word. What do these names tell us about the concept of God’s Word in the Old Testament (different translations may use different words)? What ‘names’ (or analogies) are given to the modern Bible, are these helpful? A challenge – can you come up with 6, as the Psalmist did?! 

The Psalmist uses 6 attributes of God’s Word, discuss each of these. How are these attributes relevant today (there may be some overlap with the 6 names/analogies you came up with in the last question)? 

The Psalmist uses 6 ‘ministries’ or actions for God’s Word – what are they? How do you relate to these in your experience of the Bible? Are there other ways that God’s Word ‘helps’ you? 

Try this – read the Psalm together, either splitting the group into 3 to say the different parts of each verse, or use 3 individual voices.  


Read 2 Timothy 3:14-17. 

“All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness”. 

What are your first reactions to this passage? ‘Unpack’ the 4 attributes mentioned in this verse. It’s too easy sometimes to refer to the positive, gentle, affirming parts of God’s Word, and to bypass the difficult, challenging passages. How should we approach this issue?  


Mark Powley said this - ‘Don’t worry about what you don’t understand – concentrate on living out what you do understand’. What do we do about the difficult parts of the Bible and the parts we don’t understand?  


How could applying Mark Powley’s suggestion change our experience of reading our Bibles? 


In finishing…. Share thoughts about how we could enhance our Bible reading. 



Holy Trinity Office, 10/10/2018