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Daily 28-Aug-2018 → 31-Aug-2018

9:30  → 12:30pm each day

It’s FREE... 
It’s MESSY...
It’s 4 mornings of parent-free fun and games, art and creativity as we learn about GOD!
Boost is the holiday club for children in Reception to Year 6 that happens every summer at Holy Trinity.

Boost for 2018 is now totally FREE to EVERYONE (we’re happy to accept donations) but book your places quickly as numbers are limited.

Fill in the name of your child, their details and YOUR contact e-mail address using the link below. You will need to do this for EACH child you wish to book on. 
We'll then email you additional information to be completed so that we can reserve a place for your child.

Until we have all the information we need unfortunately we won't be able to reserve places.

We only have a few places remaining now - so if you attempt to sign in and the system reports that the event is FULL - please let us have your details via the RESERVES LIST and will will make every effort to avoid disappointment.



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Matt Davies, 29/06/2017