Misson Partners 2016 - 2018    

As a Church we divide our outwood giving into Core projects and smaller causes. The core projects receive £2000 a year for 3 years and the smaller causes receive £300 a year also for 3 years.

Core Projects

There are 6 core projects, all Christian and each with a strong advocate within the congregation. Some projects have had previous support, some are new this year.
The core projects are as follows

Continue to support:

Bishop Mathayo & the Diocese of Lake Rukwa, Tanzania
CURE International Hospital, Blantyre, Malawi
Ram Prasad and the Mission Commission of Nepal
Hope Debt Advice

New projects:

Craft Aid International working with people with disabilities in Peru
Jane & Laurence Knoop, working with Engineering Ministries International

Smaller Causes

These aren't necessarily Christian although there will be some link to the Church.
As with the core projects, some have been supported before, however the majority are new this year.
The causes supported for the next 3 years are as follows

Continue to support:

AgeUk – local branch

New causes:

Esther Williams Trust – supporting persecuted Christians in Pakistan
Jennyruth Workshops
Ripon Community Link
Torch Trust – providing free resources for blind Christians
Traidcraft Exchange – the social/trade justice charity behind the goods
Ulemu Dignity – enabling teenage girls in Malawi to attend school

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